Honeycomb is an institutional grade
investment firm focused on digital assets.

What is Honeycomb?

Honeycomb Digital Investments is an institutional grade investment firm focused on digital assets and companies utilizing blockchain technology. Our objective is to provide investors with opportunities to capture benefits from the upcoming growth and development of blockchain and its underlying ecosystem.
Honeycomb’s investments span the full range of blockchain and distributed ledger technology possibilities. Honeycomb’s solution leverages blockchain technology and couples it with decades of experience from the traditional securities world.

Digital Assets. Decrypted.

Honeycomb Digital Team

A Measured Approach by Seasoned Professionals to an Investment Frontier in its Infancy.

Why Invest in Digital Assets?

Capital Appreciation

Blockchain will be the greatest force for transformation since the Internet and brings the opportunity to create generational wealth. Even small allocations to digital assets can increase upside potential and lower portfolio risk.

Return Benefits

Yield Opportunities

Honeycomb can enhance digital asset portfolios with yield opportunities through Blockchain lending/borrowing if conditions are appropriate.

Yield Enhancement

Non-Correlated Asset Class

Capital could be reallocated to crypto from a variety of other assets allocation to crypto to provide superior risk-adjusted returns and upside capital appreciation.

Correlation Benefits

Hedge Against Uncertainty

Cryptocurrencies are increasingly seen as trustworthy, useful, and universal. Capital flows into the asset class are heightened when adverse conditions appear.

Hedging Benefits