Legal Disclaimers

Honeycomb Digital Investments (“HDI”) manages digital asset portfolios for high-net-worth individuals and institutional clients, applying a bottom-up, research-oriented process that utilizes proprietary screening models and top-down risk controls in managing its portfolios. These materials are being provided for illustrative and informational purposes only.

The information contained herein may be different from the information included in documents and materials created by the sponsor firm in whose investment program a client participates. Some sponsor firms may require that these materials be preceded or accompanied by investment profiles or other documents or materials prepared by such  sponsor firms, which will be provided upon a client’s request.

For additional information, documents and/or materials, please speak to your financial professional. HDI is not undertaking to provide impartial advice. Nothing herein is intended to provide fiduciary advice.

All investments are subject to certain risks, including possible loss of principal. Generally, investments offering the potential for higher returns are accompanied by a higher degree of risk.

Digital assets are subject to a multitude of risks and such risk factors should be reviewed in HDI’s Form ADV Part 2A statement.

Digital asset markets can fluctuate significantly in response to industry, financial or economic developments,
and unexpected events, such as the spread of deadly diseases or disasters, can cause investor fear and panic, which can adversely affect companies, sectors and the market in general. Investors should review their investment objectives, risk tolerance and liquidity needs before choosing a manager.

There is no guarantee that investment strategies will work under all market conditions and investors should evaluate their ability to invest for the long term, especially during periods of market downturns. Prospective investors are advised to consult with their own independent advisors, including tax advisors, regarding a potential investment in an SMA.